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At Mississippi Stem Cell Treatment Center, we provide care for people suffering from diseases that may be alleviated by access to adult stem cell based regenerative treatment.

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Mississippi Stem Cell Treatment Center in Ocean Springs


As a national pioneer of innovative medicine, Mississippi Stem Cell Treatment Center’s motto “Excellence with a Human Touch,” is at the forefront of what we do. Located in the city of Ocean Springs on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, we provide treatment to promote healing and tissue generation to those suffering from autoimmune, degenerative, inflammatory, and ischemic conditions. Our team is highly committed to alleviating your symptoms and enhancing your functionality, quality of life, and well-being.

Our Method

We employ a method called Stromal Vascular Fraction deployment (SVF). SVF relies on individual patient stem cells and growth factors, and helps accelerate healing and tissue regeneration. The SVF we collect from patients’ fat tissue is given back to the individual through the deployment process. SVF is an innovative product that can be used to regenerate different types of tissue throughout the body.


Our Network for Innovation

Mississippi Stem Cell Treatment Center is an affiliate of the Cell Surgical Network of CA. Our center meets all FDA guidelines for treating patients using their own tissue for therapy. We provide same-day harvesting and treatment in a state-of-the-art environment, which facilitates a faster recovery.


We provide treatment for anyone suffering in the following areas:


Schedule a Consultation

At Mississippi Stem Cell Treatment Center, we offer stem cell treatments for autoimmune disease, as well as for people suffering from other degenerative diseases. For more information on our innovative technology, browse our website. Our blog also has a wealth of information about the treatment protocols at our stem cell treatment center. Contact us so we can discuss your individual candidate profile.