"This guy saved my life...thanks Dr.Barmada for my new stem cells...

They are rockin now and im feeling fantastic!!! New lease on life !!! Im in Texas on my first long tour run since the stems ....

what a difference they make . I've had almost 0 symptoms of MS since my transplant."

Hope CassityMusical Artist

Video Testimonials

Russell Ragon

Russell Ragon discusses the high integrity and quality of New Haven’s products

Bill LaVigne

Bill Lavigne talks about the quality of New Haven’s consistent service and its impact on his company

Panache Hahoyashvili

Panache talks about New Haven’s quick service and prices

Customer Reviews

My company has been using New Haven Moving Equipment for the past 5 years and we will continue to do so. The service is great and there is never any confusion about pricing or forgotten items on our orders. Gary and Bernardo have always made ordering easy. Rocky has always done a great job making sure our orders are complete as well as helping us load supplies and rentals onto our trucks. We have never had any issues with the quality of purchased products or equipment. The rentals have always been clean and in perfect working order. Keep up the good work.


Jon Adams
President – Downtown Moving and Storage Inc.

For over 15 years, my company has been using New Haven Moving Equipment for many of our supplies. One of the things that I really appreciate is that we can call ahead and have our orders ready for pick up when our drivers arrive. This saves us a lot of time which is important in running my business. The quality of the products along with superior customer service is why I use New Haven now and will continue to do so in the future.

Best regards,

Jim Brown
President, All Moving Services, Inc.

So thankful for the great customer service we get at NLR. Denise from the flagship office has gone above & beyond to help me to help our customers. Larry & Roger Levine have been absolutely great in meeting the out-of-the-ordinary requests we make — after all – moving a library or archive is not like a regular relocation project!

Diane M Pikul   (From Facebook)

New Haven has stellar customer service. I constantly heard from other drivers that the wait time was a fraction compared to other places. If you’re looking for packing material with excellent quality and friendly people, New Haven is the place to go.

Spyglass Graphics  (from Google Reviews in Elk Grove Village)

I agree with other positive reviews about New Haven and Mark’s great customer service.

As a professional home organizer I help my clients pack when they move; I’m not a big moving company that buys supplies from them all the time, but they treat me like I am. I’ve had an account there for many years and they have always provided high quality supplies and service.

They went out of their way to deliver several very important wardrobe bars that I one time left out of my order. I was far out in Martinez and absolutely could not leave the job to struggle back through traffic to San Leandro to get them. My client needed to be packed asap and the long-distance movers were on their way. I’ll never forget how smoothly mark handled the situation, got the bars to me in one of their big delivery trucks that was passing through later that day, and I am to this day so thankful.

And they always have a bowl of free candy on the counter.

Fabricio L.
From San Jose, CA

One night at a gas station in Campbell while I was filling the tank of one of my moving trucks somebody come to me and gave a business card, with a smile in his face he said “We are a moving company supplier, take this business card with you”. He was Mark Bara. Since so I became a client of New Haven, great variety of products and excellent prices. New Haven has a huge warehouse in San Leandro with everything that you may need for your moving business. They will have your order delivered in your door or ready for pick up when you need it!
This company runs in perfect synchrony thanks to Mark Bara. Highly recommended.

Elainne S.
From Fresno, CA

Need ANY moving supplies?  This is the place!  Great prices, great service, and everything we needed!  We made multiple trips and they were great every time!

Brian J.
From Oakland, CA

Moving supplies are one of those products it really pays to bust out of the consumer-oriented retail feed lot and get your stuff where the pros go.  You get better stuff at prices that don’t make you feel like a sucker (e.g. $8 boxes from the big brand moving truck rental place).

The only downside is sometimes industrial places sometimes don’t want to bother with the minuscule (for them) quantities of stuff you want to buy.  (Also they’re usually only open when you’re at work.)

The folks at New Haven Moving Equipment are GREAT.  They were super friendly to us clueless “civilians” and their prices are ultra-reasonable.  They stock all kinds of bona-fide moving gear: furniture blankets, dollies, hand trucks, monstrous 3 foot wide saran wrap, etc.

We mentioned that we are storing our stuff to go travelling and they gave us a cute model shipping crate & dolly to take with us and photo at exotic destinations!

Don’t fear the industrial world!

Adam P.