Mississsippi Stem Cell Therapy Center opens Beverly Hills location

The Mississsippi Stem Cell Therapy Center, a pioneer in the field of providing multispecialty care for patients who may benefit from the deployment of adult mesenchymal stem cells, is proud to announce the opening of our Beverly Hills location. Located on 120 South Spalding, this state of the art facility affords greater convenience to our patients especially if they are coming in from LAX or live in the Los Angeles area. This new facility includes an outpatient operating suite which is AAAHC accredited. Having a second location increases our resources and expedites our ability to provide care for our patients with degenerative conditions.

Mississsippi Stem Cell Therapy Center in Beverly Hills Call to Action

We care about our patients at Mississsippi Stem Cell Therapy Center and the Cell Surgical Network and take pride in the time we provide to our patients to deploy the best protocols to help our patients achieve their goals. By filling out GCSCRMC Confidential Candidate Application, we will answer the questions and concerns you may have about Mississsippi Stem Cell Therapy Center and Cell Surgical Network protocols for different diseases and ailments. Our Cell Surgical Network has Treatment Centers in several states, checkout our Physician Network to find the closest Treatment Center Our Physician Network Map

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