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The Gulf Coast Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Center (GCSCRMC) was founded in partnership with the Spring of Youth Medical Group, serving Mississippi for over ten years. Our protocols at Gulf Coast Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Center’s facility use a patient’s own stem cells to promote healing and tissue regeneration. More specifically, we use Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF), which is rich in stem cells and growth factors. The SVF is collected from a patient’s fatty tissue with a small liposuction procedure. The tissue is minimally processed to concentrate the SVF and growth factors before being injected back into the patient at the deployment site. Because a stem cell is a special type of cell that can turn into any other type of cell and multiply, stem cells have the potential to facilitate the regeneration of many different kinds of tissue-including skin, collagen, and cartilage-throughout the body. Part of our mission is exploring the regenerative potential of stem cells and delivering “Excellence with a human touch.”

Different Kinds of Stem Cells

While there has been controversy over the use of embryonic stem cells, which come from embryonic tissue, SVF comes from the patient’s own body-specifically from fat tissue. Fat contains a large number of stem cells, and today the tools exist to separate stem cells from fat to be used for therapy. The fat removal procedure takes only about 20 minutes and is done under local anesthetic at our office. Most patients experience little downtime or activity restriction following the procedure.

We meet all FDA guidelines for the therapy and manipulation of a patient’s own tissues by giving same-day deployment with the patient’s own cells, which are minimally processed and inserted during the same procedure.

Many Potential Uses for SVF

Gulf Coast Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Center is an affiliate of the Cell Surgical Network. Since 2010, the Cell Surgical Network has been renowned for the investigational use of stem cell deployments for degenerative conditions. Using international technology, CSN has developed a closed surgical method to isolate this cellular medium (SVF) rich in stem cells. Under our IRB (Institutional Review Board) approved protocol, we’ve been providing SVF deployment on an investigational basis trying to learn which diseases respond best and which deployment methods are most effective. We are growing and continue to use our surgical methods to deploy SVF for various degenerative conditions.

At the Gulf Coast Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Center, we emphasize quality and are highly committed to clinical research and the advancement of regenerative medicine. Give us a call or sign up for our newsletter and a free one-on-one phone consultation with Dr. Barmada.

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