Hair Loss May Be Slowed With The Use of Stem Cells

Treatments for baldness have been around for years. Hair loss can occur in men and women of varying ages, and in many cases, there is little that can be done to reverse the effects of baldness. There is no “cure” for baldness, but there are a few different drug treatments, surgeries, and other methods to slow hair loss or regain a full head of hair. Many people look to weaves or wigs, while others desire something more permanent.

Stem cell treatment may be an effective way to treat people suffering from hair loss. While, for some, creams may seem too unlikely and surgeries too drastic, stem cell therapies may be a step in the right direction towards a solution. Researchers have recently developed ways to utilize stem cells to regenerate hair follicles.

The patient’s own stem cells are used for this therapy. All FDA guidelines are met when using the patient’s own cells for treatment purposes in this therapy. New research indicates that stem cell therapy may be able to help regenerate hair in many people. While the cure for hair loss has not arrived, experts in the field believe that they are much closer to finding the solution through the use of stem cells.