Nitrogen monoxide, or nitric oxide, is a chemical molecule (NO) whose great importance in the human body has only been realized in the late 1980s. Not unlike research with stem cells, this recent increased understanding of biology has led to new ideas for treatment. In 1998, the Nobel Prize was awarded for “discoveries concerning nitric oxide as a signaling molecule in the cardiovascular system.” Nitroglycerin has been used to treat angina, or chest pain, for more than a hundred years, but it was not originally understood that the body converted the substance to nitric oxide, which served as a vasodilator. Vasodilatation is a medical term for the widening, or dilation, of blood vessels, allowing more blood to flow.

Nitric oxide is important for sending information to blood vessels in the brain and elsewhere, signaling blood vessels to dilate throughout the entire body. The molecule helps with a wide variety of systems, including memory recall, immune system function, sleep quality, and digestion. Availability of nitric oxide in the system could even improve your sense of smell and help regulate hypertension. Nitric oxide is naturally released from the lining of the arteries during exercise. This also occurs when the blood vessels widen to allow more blood to pass through. The systems that release nitric oxide become less efficient with age and patterns of behavior like smoking and inactivity. Adding amino acids L-arginine and L-citrulline to the diet can give the cells resources to produce nitric oxide, but the molecule only lasts for a few seconds in the body, being neutralized by an enzyme. Hence the need for products that will restore the production of more NO.

Neo40 Daily represents a promising new delivery method for NO, especially when compared with diet alone and L-Arginine supplements. L-Arginine is unlikely to work effectively for those over 40 years of age or with compromised endothelial function. Neo40 tabs dissolve on the tongue for more immediate absorption, and each tab contains additional vitamin C and B12 as well as 420mg of a NO- producing blend of natural ingredients. As the subject of clinical research, the beneficial effects of Neo40 Daily are still being measured and studied. Like treatment with stem cells, the potential benefits of NO are still being discovered, but it is fair to say that they both have exceedingly low complications.


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