Treatment for Hip Problems

Affecting millions of Americans, hip arthritis is a form of degenerative joint disease that causes pain and swelling of the hip joint. At Gulf Coast Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Center, we understand the difficulties and stresses that arise when dealing with this disease, and we offer the latest advances in stem cell procedures for the treatment of this limiting hip condition, as well as treatment of other joints.

Stem Cell Hip Treatment

Patients who visit our Ocean Springs location are often tired of living with limiting hip conditions and are reticent going ahead with hip replacement or steroid injections, with their possible complications and long-term sequelae. However, Gulf Coast Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Center has developed a promising alternative to surgery and steroid injections, with hardly any risk.

Our regenerative hip disease protocol, with Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) deployment, takes approximately three hours and exploits the anti-inflammatory and healing properties of SVF, which is rich in stem cells, growth factors, and cytokines. SVF is the final product of the process, starting with the harvest of fat by mini-liposuction and ending with the sterile, injectable liquid product. It is injected with aseptic technique under ultrasound or radiological guidance to ensure injection site accuracy. Included in the deployment is platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which has been shown to promote bone and cartilage regeneration and healing, as well as healing of soft tissues. The cellular treatment is completed under local anesthesia in our outpatient facility shortly after SVF harvest.

We evaluate each individual case to assess the likelihood of success with our regenerative therapy, as certain types of hip problems, including certain fractures and injuries, would be better served by other modalities.

Hip Treatments and Gulf Coast Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Center

At Gulf Coast Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Center, we provide compassionate and individualized care plans for our hip patients. As a member of the Cell Surgical Network, we take pride in developing and employing the best protocols to help our patients achieve their personal health goals. We are pleased to answer any questions and concerns that you may have about our options in treatment for hip problems. We invite patients to fill out our GCSCRMC Confidential Candidate Application, and we will respond to your inquiries.