How Stem Cell Therapy Helps With Your Knee Pain

Knee arthritis is a particularly debilitating form of degenerative joint disease (DJD). As a degenerative affliction of joints, it wears down the articular cartilage of the knee and its supporting ligaments, whose integrity is essential for normal function. When the disease affects your knees, it makes ambulation (walking) difficult and painful. While many forms of treatment exist, most are either risky or simply not long-term solutions. They range from steroid injections to total knee replacement. Steroids are a double-edged sword that can cause irreparable damage to tissue over time, creating an even worse situation in the long run. Fortunately, serendipity and research have finally reached a state where treatment with one’s own stem cells is possible for a wide variety of afflictions without any significant complications.

How It Works

Stem cell treatment once relied upon harvesting bone marrow, which involved a lot of steps over several days. However, a recent breakthrough discovery found a readily available supply of active stem cells within the adipose, fatty tissue present in all individuals, both adults and children. With a minimally invasive liposuction procedure, performed under local anesthesia, an experienced surgeon can extract millions of viable cells in 20 minutes. The cells are extracted from the fatty tissue and injected exactly where needed, with the entire procedure taking no more than 3 hours. No culture or processing of the cells is needed, as was required in the bone marrow method.

Freedom From Joint Pain

Stem cell treatment is a welcome solution for DJD, especially arthritis of the knee. Stem cells function by melding with cells of the tissue that they join and replicating into fully formed, healthy cells. Apart from repairing the damage with new cells, stem cells produce growth factors and cytokines that are anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory, modifying immunity, reducing pain, reversing degeneration, and effecting repair. By injecting these cells into joints, it becomes possible to repair the damaged cartilage, reduce stiffness, and increase mobility and functionality.

At Gulf Coast Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Center, we can provide relief for knee joint pain and stiffness through our exceedingly low-risk procedures. Our talented team will personalize your treatment, and as members of the Cell Surgical Network, you can be assured we will provide top-of-the-line care.



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