Interstitial Cystitis Relief Through Stem Cell Therapy

Those suffering from this painful bladder syndrome know the discomfort, pressure, and pain that often accompany this condition. Interstitial cystitis (IC) affects men and women of all ages, although women are much more commonly afflicted. Studies show that IC affects several million people throughout the United States, impacting their overall quality of life. While this painful, chronic condition lingers on for years, specialized treatment from Gulf Coast Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Center can help reduce, or even eliminate the symptoms.

Causes and Symptoms

Unfortunately, the cause(s) of interstitial cystitis is not currently known. Researchers have postulated a number of etiologies, including genetic, allergic, autoimmune, neurological or even infective causes. In addition, many people diagnosed with interstitial cystitis have an abnormality of some kind in the mucosal lining of their bladders.

IC often gets misdiagnosed as a urinary tract infection, because both conditions share common symptoms, especially in the early stages. Chronic pelvic pressure and pain are common to both, as is frequency of micturition. Uncomfortable or painful urination is another an important symptom.

Relief Through Stem Cell Therapy

Traditionally, treatment options have included surgery, bladder distention, oral medications, and nerve stimulation. However, recent developments in stem cell therapies have allowed Gulf Coast Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Center to offer therapy, using adult mesenchymal stem cells. Those cells are obtained from one’s own stem pool by mini-liposuction. We harvest from the waistline fat because it is the most accessible, the simplest and most accessible. Mesenchymal stem cells have the ability to promote and assist the repair of various organs and bodily structures, including muscle and mucosa. This means that IC patients who suffer from mucosal and smooth muscle damage may benefit from this regenerative treatment. Our protocol includes injecting autologous stem cells intravenously (IV) as well as directly into the trigger points in the pelvic floor around the bladder base. In addition, we instill Pentosan in liposomes into the bladder via a painless catheter, for a short period. The entire procedure of deployment is performed comfortably under local anesthesia and mild tablet sedation.

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