Lichen Sclerosus Management

Lichen Sclerosus may benefit through stem cell therapy. This debilitating, chronic skin condition may afflict skin anywhere, but when it affects the skin about the genitals it becomes exceedingly distressing. The skin becomes thin and itchy, may tear easily, form blister and look “raw.”  It may affect women and men, but is most commonly seen in middle age to older women, although those who seek help are often the younger age groups.  The condition can lead to scarring, which often involves the labia at the commissure causing distressing fusion. Rarely cancer may development. While generally, treating Lichen Sclerosus has included the option for surgical excision and the use of topical steroids, investigational stromal vascular fraction (SVF) deployment has become a new acceptable modality with significant potential improvement. SVF (stem cells) is obtained from two ounces of fat, harvested through mini-liposuction, which may provide potential healing to the affected patches of skin associated with Lichen Sclerosus.

Since adopting this innovative procedure, Lichen sclerosus management with SVF (stem cells) has shown promising long-term outcomes and gratifying, almost immediate relief. Lichen sclerosus (LS) can be both physically painful and emotionally taxing for those afflicted. At a few Cell Surigcal Network centers and our own Gulf Coast Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Center(GCSC&RMC) in Ocean Springs, advancements in regenerative stem cell therapy are providing hope for those with LS and other autoimmune diseases. Our investigative protocols include delivering aliquots of concentrated stem cells (SVF) taken from the patient’s own waistline fat to the affected areas- often coupled with fat transfer (nonfat) for its cushioning effect. Stem cells are the human body’s natural gift, stored for times of need! They aid in healing, reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and repair damaged tissues and cells. Stem cells help stop and reverse the progression of the disease, through their ability to modify the body’s immune system to co-exist peacefully with itself.

Most patients who have had their Lichen sclerosus addressed through our research protocols with stem cells, reported great improvement of symptoms with with less pain, itch and greatly improved perineal and vaginal function.  Many reported restoration of normal appearance and physiology. In addition, those with adhesions causing narrowing of the vaginal vestibule and pain, had them separated at the time of deployment with total satisfaction. The immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory properties of SVF/stem cells have been shown to help patients who have not responded to standard therapy modalities. Indeed, if there were to be any flare-ups, which is possible, these would be fewer and much milder, with no need for daily topical steroids. Until the discovery of stem cell therapy, treating this debilitating condition had no long-term plan. After years of suffering, a significant number of patients have reported finding comfort in being able to resume sexual intimacy without burning, itch or pain.

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