Stroke, also known as cerebro-vascular accident, is caused by a disturbance in blood supply to the brain. Stroke affects millions of Americans every year. The result is ischemic brain injury which means that part of the brain has suffered from lack of oxygen and this has resulted in vital tissue destruction. Symptoms vary depending on the anatomic location of the event and extent and duration of the tissue loss. After acute management, long term healing must occur which requires management of swelling and neovascularization of damaged tissue. Researchers particularly in Europe have been actively studying the use of mesenchymal stem cells to help promote healing after ischemic brain injury.

Researchers have made great progress in not only learning how to obtain stem cells, but also in discovering new ways to use stem cell therapy. These trials add hope to the idea that one day a stroke may not necessarily mean the end of one’s independence. As doctors at stem cell centers learn how to use stem cells to effectively treat specific degenerative diseases, they will hopefully get closer to treating all debilitating diseases using these remarkable cells.

Stroke Recovery – Gulf Coast Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Center

Being an affiliate member of the Cell Surgial Network(CSN,) Gulf Coast Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Center(GCSC&RMC) uses specific SVF protocols that attempt to utilize the anti-inflammatory and potential regenerative properties of SVF (rich in mesenchymal stem cells and growth factors). SVF is systemically deployed and is expected to focus on damaged areas of the central nervous system. Special measures are taken to optimize transport of the SVF across the blood-brain barrier to improve central nervous system uptake. This is all done as an outpatient at the time of SVF harvesting and procurement. The entire cellular surgical procedure takes approximately three hours.

We at GCSC&RMC care about our patients and understand their difficulties. We take pride in the time we spend caring for them and deploying, what we believe is the best protocol to help them achieve their goals.

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