New Study Suggests Stem Cell Therapy May Help Treat Peyronie’s Disease

A recent study from a respected stem cell center suggests that stem cell therapy may be able to help treat Peyronie’s disease, a little known disease that affects an estimated nine percent of men, in some studies. Peyronie’s disease refers to the scarring of an area on the shaft of the penis, which may cause a host of distressing issues, including bending, shortening, narrowing, and hinging of the penis. Those who suffer from this disease may experience intense pain as a result and can lead to other medical and psychological problems, which can be distressing, particularly since the disease often contributes to erectile dysfunction and may cause pain in the partner.

Prior to this stem cell study, stem cells were affirmed as an effective treatment for other medication conditions that are characterized by inflammatory scarring. Experts hypothesized that, since inflammatory scarring was the root of the problem with Peronei’s disease, they could expect to see positive results. They proposed that this treatment option would be a non-surgical alternative for patients with Peronei’s disease.
Four men, between the ages of 45-66 years, participated in this limited study. They all had a documented history of Peronei’s disease and associated erectile dysfunction. Their treatment at the stem cell center included Low Intensity Acoustic Wave Therapy to the penis in addition to the intracavernosal injection of stem cells, into the Peronei’s plaques. The acoustic wave therapy was administered three times: 48 hours prior, on the day of, and 48 hours after the stem cell therapy.

At the six-month mark, all four patients reported a subjective reduction in plaque size, improvement in curvature, and better erectile function. Though limited in size, the study opens the possibility that this is a new treatment option for men facing this painful and debilitating disease.

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