Our mission is simply: EXCELLENCE WITH A HUMAN TOUCH!

Our MissionOur Medical Director, Dr. Barmada, coined this phrase because we are passionate about our mission and the concept this phrase conveys.  Through many years of practicing and teaching intricate cardiac, vascular and thoracic surgery, at top institutions in the United Kingdom and the USA (on both East and West Coasts), Dr. Barmada realized that the two most potent motivators of decision-making in medicine are money and fear. He decided that they should not apply to his practice, and decided that medical expediency, correctness, and humanitarian considerations should be the guiding principles for decision-making at this facility – GCSC&RMC. We long to alleviate suffering; and if we have achieved some success where there was none, then our mission has been fulfilled.

These principles reflect our attitude towards interactions with our patients. We offer friendly, compassionate and personal service, which is highly professional, prompt and affordable.  Excellence also encompasses the precision and intricacy, learned from performing tiny coronary anastomoses over decades, applied to minimally-invasive fat harvest and stem cell delivery.

As an added benefit to understanding different disease processes and entities, Dr. Barmada brings to the practice the considerable experience he acquired in various specialties before specializing in cardio-vascular and thoracic surgery. This extensive experience includes general, pediatric and trauma surgeries, orthopedics, hematology/oncology, pathology and internal medicine. Also, serving as a medical officer to the martial arts commission of Great Britain and the UKKW karate federation of the UK for over a decade gave Dr. Barmada excellent experience in sports medicine.

To emphasize our commitment to investigational research, our technical team is headed by a scientist with a Master’s degree (MSc) in analytical chemistry and a Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Medical Biochemistry.  She has also spent years working in medical genetics including a post-doctorate period at OHSU in Oregon.

So, for those in whom conventional medical management has failed, and there is no existing therapy in site, we offer investigational therapy with SVF with minimal delay. Inquiries are usually returned within 24-hours, and we then offer a prompt telephone consultation followed by an office visit.  If patients are deemed suitable candidates, they are free to choose to proceed.

We are committed to the sterility of the aseptic, closed system that we use for the entire operation of mini-lipo harvesting of the 3 oz of fat from the waist-line and deployment of the resulting stromal vascular fraction (SVF), which includes millions of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC), in addition to hundreds of beneficial growth factors and cytokines.