Peripheral Neuropathy

By April 28, 2011Neurology

Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment

At Gulf Coast Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Center, we pride ourselves on offering a range of effective stem cell therapy for the diseases and disorders affecting our patients, including peripheral neuropathy (PN). This is a degenerative disorder of the nerves that usually affects the hands and feet, hence the name “peripheral.” While some of the most common causes of PN are diabetes (metabolic), trauma (injuries), infections or inflammation (neuritis), or toxins and autoimmune disorders, the cause of neuropathy cannot always be identified. Patients suffering from PN know firsthand the painful or annoying symptoms of this disorder. At our Ocean Springs location, we offer peripheral neuropathy treatment to help our patients alleviate these symptoms.

Peripheral Neuropathy Stem Cell Therapy

Physicians often use a number of medications to reduce the painful symptoms of peripheral neuropathy, but some cases are resistant to medical therapy, making it difficult to manage symptoms. Mesenchymal stem cell therapy offer a promising new option for PN patients that may mitigate some of the debilitating effects of neuropathy. At Gulf Coast Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Center, we have developed a specific protocol that attempts to harness the potential immuno-modulatory and regenerative properties of Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF), which is rich in mesenchymal stem cells, growth factors, and cytokines. The SVF, the end product of the fat harvesting procedure through a mini-liposuction, is deployed systemically as well as injected locally into the affected tissue. Done as an outpatient procedure at the time of fat harvesting and SVF procurement, this process takes approximately three hours.

Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment and Gulf Coast Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Center

For our peripheral neuropathy treatment, the Gulf Coast Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Center offers personalized care plans to help patients achieve their health goals. If you have any questions or concerns about our PN treatment, we invite you to fill out our GCSCRMC Confidential Candidate Application to learn more about our services.

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