Stem Cell Therapy Offers Hope for Some Victims of Vision Loss

Stories of stem cell therapy successes continue to demonstrate some of the amazing healing abilities with this innovative treatment option. One such story centers on a mom from California, Julia Matsumoto. In October 2010, at the age of 31, she began with severe headaches, which were associated with complete loss of vision. Doctors diagnosed her condition as optic neuritis, a condition in which the nerve that connects the eyes to the brain becomes inflamed and swollen. There was no way of knowing why this autoimmune disease affected Matsumoto or what had caused it.

As is typical in cases like this, Matsumoto’s doctor treated the condition with prednisone, a common steroid. She regained her vision but struggled with a debilitating side effect, including gaining about 100 pounds in just three months. She became difficult to walk and began suffering other health problems, all the while knowing that her long-term health was being seriously jeopardized. She made the painful decision to stop the steroid treatment and sacrifice her vision. This was all prior to her learning about stem cell therapy as a possible alternative.

With the help of her doctor, and a plastic surgeon in the area who was experimenting with stem cell therapy for various ailments, Matsumoto was able to sign up for the innovative care plan. In this particular case, the medical team started harvesting about 2 ounces of fat by mini-liposuction from her waistline, and then separated the stem cells from the fat, blood and local anesthetic, removed with the stem cells during the mini-liposuction. Those stem cells were then infused back into her bloodstream through an I.V. Within weeks her vision improved from 20/150 to close to 20/30; and today, she has regained her vision fully, without needing to take any medications, whatsoever. She now receives stem cell therapy every few months for maintenance and continues to be an inspiration for others looking for an innovative way to address this serious condition.

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