Stroke Recovery With Stem Cells Can Restore Your Mobility

Almost 800,000 Americans fall victim to strokes and other cerebrovascular accidents (CVA’s) each year, and more than 140,000 die from these accidents. Those who survive are often faced with a lifetime of disability. While treatments are few and far between, stroke recovery with stem cells at the Gulf Coast Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Center in Ocean Springs may provide relief in both symptoms and signs.

What is a Stroke?

A stroke occurs when a blood clot obstructs flow in a blood vessel, diminishing blood flow to the brain. Cells die as the brain is deprived of oxygen, which leads to the destruction of vital neurons that control thought processes and movement. Stroke symptoms vary depending on the quantity and quality of cell loss during or after the stroke. CVA’s typically take several months of therapy and healing to recover to a stable state from the event. Symptoms and signs include weakness or paralysis of the affected limb(s), impairment of cognition, memory and attention issues, difficulty in expressing oneself, and speech. Stroke Recovery with Stem Cell treatment appears to be feasible to varying degrees. Many patients have responded well to stem cell therapy, regaining mobility and functionality to varying degrees.

The Gulf Coast Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Center developed a stroke-specific stem cell therapy in order to promote the regeneration of lost brain matter. We use stromal vascular fraction (SVF), which is the main product of the fat tissue harvest. It takes us about 20 minutes to harvest the fat tissue from the patient’s waistline in a minimally invasive procedure, and another 90 minutes to process the fat tissue, ending up with the SVF, containing millions of cells. Once the cells are ready, we deploy them intravenously (IV), with an osmotic diuretic in order to promote healing in damaged areas of the nervous system. This is completed on an outpatient basis, and the entire procedure takes about three hours.

The Gulf Coast Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Center is based in Ocean Springs, MS, but we accept patients from across the country and abroad. If you are interested in stroke recovery with stem cells, fill out our candidate application today.

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